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Donations To Charity Every Month

By  Nick December 4, 2017

£14,824.63 Total Raised For Charity!

Something i’m very proud of with my steaming is how much money we have raised for amazing Charities.

Since May 2017 i made the decision to give all my donations via TwitchAlerts/Streamlabs to Charity, and also give 10% of all my Casino cashouts above £1000 to the same Charity.

Now a couple of sick individuals claim that i steal donations from my viewers and that none of the money raised ends up going to the Charity, this is ofcourse complete nonsense.

First of all i show all donations live on stream which includes the Website, Payment ID and Thank you page.

I also show the thank you letters i receive in the post from said Charity on social media, but this still isn’t enough for some peeople.

So this post is to list all the Charities we’ve raised money for with proof of payment etc

List of Charities and Donations

Here is the full list of Charities we have raised money for with proof of the donations.

British Heart Foundation

£1148.72 raised for The British Heart Foundation in May 2017.

YouTube won’t let me go back this far to embed the video so i have attached a screenshot of the Thank You email confirmation.

British Heart Foundation Donation

Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital

£1786.18 raised for this amazing Children’s Charity in June 2017.

Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital

Yorkshire Air Ambulance

£1500 raised for Yorkshire Air Ambulance in July 2017.

Yorkshire Air Ambulance

MIND Mental Health Charity

£2065.74 raised for MIND Mental Health Charity in August 2017.

MIND Mental Health Charity


£2875.79 raised for GamCare in September 2017.

I didn’t receive a confirmation email from GamCare for the donation which i thought was weird, so i attached the following bank statement which shows the money coming out.

GamCare Donation

Help for Heroes

£1171.47 raised for Help for Heroes in October 2017

Help for Heroes

Cash for Kids Christmas Appeal

£4276.73 raised for Cash for Kids in November + December 2017

Cash for Kid Email Confirmation

MIND Mental Health Charity

*TBA* raised for MIND in January 2018

I always do the donations live on stream to show you guys that the money raised gets sent in real time with proof of payment.

I would never ever scam my viewers and i’m very passionate about raising money for amazing Charities each and every month.

Thanks for reading.


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