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The Gambling FAIL Compilation Video

By  Nick January 25, 2018

I thought it was about time i had a fail compilation video to highlight when online gambling really does take the piss.

As you may know i always highlight big wins on slots that are over 200x, and up until recently, above £1000.

But i often get accused of being a fake streamer as people don’t see my live stream where i play slots in real time and the ups and downs that goes with that.

If they only see my big win highlight videos, how could they know of all the times online slots went to shit?

This is where my fail compilation videos will highlight when online gambling really doesn’t work out, and playing slots doesn’t go according to plan.

NickSlots Fail Compilation Video – Part #1

NickSlots Fail Compilation Video – Part #2

NickSlots Fail Compilation Video – Part #3

That Queen of Riches fail makes me feel sick every time i see it!

I hope you enjoyed the video, and i plan on creating many more like this in the future.

At present all my live streams are available to watch online no matter the outcome win or lose, but i think a compilation like this gets the point across that nothing is rigged.

I always play with real money at the casino and every single time i’ve streamed i have used my own money, never sponsored.

Thanks for watching!

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