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The Rizk Reel Race, Evolved!

By  Nick July 4, 2017

Rizk New Reel Race

Well Rizk had reel races before, but let’s face it they were very dull and ran in the background.

But now Rizk has introduced reel races that are similar to Casumo in which you get a real-time tracker for your points and spins to try and win top prizes.

Rizk Reel Race Tracker

Rizk Reel Races Explained

The concept is simple, you get a pre-defined time limit to play a certain amount of spins. At the end of the reel race the player who has accumulated the most points wins.

Every day there will be two main races, both of which run for 55 minutes. The first starts at 19:00 CET/CEST with a 1st prize of £500 and the other, which starts at 21:00 CET/CEST and offers up a 1st prize of £1000. The main races are run on a specific game, which can be found on the races page when you join the races.

Rizk Reel Race Points System

Here is a breakdown of how the points are distributed.

Every win = 10 points
3 wins in a row = 50 points
7 losses in a row = 50 points
Big wins (minimum 10x your original bet) = 150 points

I’m glad that Rizk have taken this route as the reel race on Casumo were always very fun and i’ve been lucky enough to finish in the top 3 positions quite a few times!

See you in the Races 🙂

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